Magsy Disputes Heartbreak with Single "CALLER ID"

Audrey Brandes

“Every time you call me, I can always tell. Cause it’s late as hell. And it’s never just the one time trying.” Magsy’s “CALLER ID” dropped today – one way to finish out the week strong. The emotional alt-pop single relays the trials of post-breakup communication, dancing between feelings of frustration and surrender. And I can’t get it out of my head.

I thought Magsy couldn’t top his late November release, “COUNT ON U,” but “CALLER ID” is way more up my alley. It’s moody, dramatic, and damn good. The 26-year-old California singer has accrued a serious fanbase over the past few months. Having only released four singles in the past three months, Magsy boasts nearly 1 million streams and is growing exponentially. He just doesn’t miss. Complete with a lyric video that depicts a scene surrounded by hazy blue and red visuals, “CALLER ID” is a masterpiece I feel lucky to have seen before it blows up. Almost effortlessly, Magsy keeps the hits coming. 2021 is his year, we’re just living in it.

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