Medium Build Makes You Feel His Pain On "Cuz of U"

Riley Furey

I've never listened to an artist that made me feel his personal experience so heavily, and notably the only artist who has made me feel like this before is Dijon. I was introduced to Medium Build’s music by shuffling a friend's playlist, and after diving deep into hours of his live performances; I knew I found an artist that would be in my rotation for a long time. Nuanced lyrics flood his music, and his new single "Cuz of U" is no exception.

He shares intimate moments with a dose of self-deprecation, and this style of lyricism really allows you to walk a mile in his shoes. By sharing moments as particular as getting drunk at an Applebee’s and talking about the future, you can feel just how well thought out he is about the life he's lived up to this point.

Medium Build himself says this song is an homage to the people who formed him into the man he is today, and it’s beautifully painful how he paints that picture in "Cuz of U." I saw in his comment section that, “he manages to pack four years of life experience into a 4 minute song,” and I don’t think there is a better summary about how he goes about making his music than that.

I’ve been searching for my next hyper fixation in music, and I think I may have just found my fall obsession just in time for the changing of the seasons.

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