Melo Relo Shares Cheeky New Single, "Morning After"

Sundhya Alter

After releasing a stream of consecutive singles, Melo Relo continues to skillfully tap into the soft angst that distinguishes his use of both indie and electronic sounds. In his new single, "Morning After," dropped on September 14th, the ballad follows the confusion, regret, and self-reproach that he uses to synonymously compare hangover to heartbreak.

Similar to previous releases by the Maryland native, Relo opts for an electronic base with an R&B beat alluding to a poppy yet tame sound that blends effortlessly. Produced by Sensu, and written by Relo, the singer-songwriter recounts the haze of a drunken night, his lyrics toying with the idea of pleasure versus pain. The contradiction between the somber tone of his lyrics and the uptempo melody showcases Relo’s ability to clearly communicate hidden lyrical meaning, specifically the euphoria that makes you forget, in the chorus “It's easy to forget the headaches that come with the morning after.” The playful rhythm of "Morning After" leaves room for Relo’s soft vocals to entice listeners, by the end of the song he is harmonizing with the guitar evoking his iconic lo-fi yet deeply intuitive sound.

The upbeat track is an emotional rollercoaster, listeners ride alongside Relo as he questions the meaning of drinking and being in love if all it does is end in pain, yet by the end of the track he is reaching for the bottle again, searching for that euphoric love drunk feeling. Each of Relo’s singles is a blueprint for navigating life, as a rising artist, he has mastered the art of creating both a sound and narrative that anyone can relate to.

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