mike. And Skeez Team Up for Their First Collaborative Project ‘why not us?’ [Album Review]

Noah Schwartz

It was inevitable that mike. and Skeez would eventually get together and release a beautiful body of work for the fellow Steve’s out there to enjoy. These two have already proven they’re a lethal dynamic duo with catchy singles such as “I Love My Homies,” “Around You,” and “Country Anywhere.”

This eight-track album is an absolute treat — it’s a super easy listen with great replay value. It’s one of those projects that you’ll want to rinse all the way through and really catch a vibe to it. As a personal fan of both artists, it almost seems like their songs just get better with time. Some would say “they age like fine wine” and that’s exactly how I feel about them. A personal standout for me is “Modest” but I’m sure I’ll have a new favorite by next week. With that being said, I’m genuinely excited to keep watching the upward movements from the Stevenson Ranch products in 2023. It’s their time to shine, because why not us?

Join the tidal wave and listen to why not us? now!

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