Get to Know mioskii [Interview]

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When I think about the soundtrack to my childhood, it’s a lot of blink-182, Lil Wayne, and most importantly, FIFA background music. There’s something special about those playlists; the songs are always catchy and easy to listen to, and I’m just waiting for the year mioskii ends up on one.

As a soccer player himself, mioskii talked about how FIFA soundtracks bring back fond memories and have influenced his music. 23-year-old Michael Gricoski, or mioskii, has been developing his sound since his first SoundCloud release in 2019. The Florida-native has an MGMT or Paramore-type sound with a Machine Gun Kelly or jxdn aesthetic. Inspired by these rock and alternative artists, he’s combined the two genres to create his signature "feel good" sound.

mioskii dropped out of college to pursue music full-time and hasn’t slowed down since. He recently started producing his tracks, including his 2022 hit, “spotlight.” His latest single, “rush me!”, dropped on March 10th and would be a no-brainer for any chill, laid-back playlist. He can’t stop going viral on Instagram Reels, and he’s now getting an additional push after signing to 25/7 Records and manager Max Lowe.

This probably won’t be the last time you hear about mioskii. Keep an eye out for an upcoming EP this summer, and stream “rush me!” in the meantime. Learn more about mioskii below:

What inspires you?

I’ve tried hard recently reaching for new inspirations outside of music. I try to pull from things in my day-to-day life that invoke some sort of emotion whether it’s the way I feel after watching an old film or maybe the scenery around me on a bike ride. There are little glimpses where I get the urge to just create and the smallest things can set that in motion and that's when I try to create as much as I can. Kinda like catching a big wave when it finally comes. I take advantage of those moments.

How do you escape music?

It’s so hard when you consume it constantly. If I'm not working on it myself I'm listening to it while driving, working out, or any task really. I did pick up reading recently and it’s helped a lot because I focus on building this world in which the story lives inside my head and it’s become a way of truly disconnecting. Honestly probably the only real disconnect I've had in recent times.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned this year?

To just create what feels right to me. I used to get so caught up in trying to make my drums sound like this one song or recreate the texture that this other song has and it just ended up clouding my workflow and taking away from that personal touch music needs. I think every artist should find THEIR thing and do it. If it sounds fucked up but cool to you then stick with it. Not everything needs to conform to what you’re used to hearing. Not saying I'm over here innovating music or anything of the sort but I’ve learned how to make art that feels like an extension of me and that was an important lesson for me.

What’s your favorite song you’ve made?

I really wanna say some corny shit like “I haven't made it yet” because everything I'm working on now feels so much better than the last. Anyways, I think it's gotta be “spotlight.” That song just felt like it was everything I wanted to make at the time. It's so early 2000s indie garage band sounding and I think that's cool. It feels like a demo and I love demos almost more than finished songs sometimes haha.

Anything else you want the world to know?

I'm currently making an EP at the moment. We don't have a set release date, but it's in the works and I'm excited for everyone to hear the direction this project takes. Until then expect some fun singles, but that's all I'm giving away!

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