MOONEY Isn’t Afraid to Have Fun on “Lights Off”

Preston Breck

MOONEY is the next name to know in indie R&B. The Australian singer made waves last month with his first ever track “unwell," drawing comparisons to Dominic Fike, blackbear and others. Less than a month later, MOONEY is back with “Lights Off," one of the most fun songs to drop so far this fall. 

“Lights Off” has a similar sound to MOONEY’s last single, yet remains refreshing and ear-catching. MOONEY’s upbeat, catchy vocals are laid over punchy, simple drums and vibrant guitar. This track is more of a jam than “unwell”, energized by its fast pace and anthemic hook. On top of the song's fun instrumentation is MOONEY’s raspy, colorful vocals, carrying the tune through its ear worm “She likes to do it with the Lights off” refrain and fast, rapping verses. While “unwell” is a song about health, sobriety, and blocking out toxic people from your life, “Lights Off” is an exercise in indulgence. MOONEY has a “fuck it” attitude on this song, falling in love and not afraid to face the consequences. 

Two singles in, MOONEY is already proving himself as one of the next voices in indie R&B, with only more to come. 

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