Morgan Wallen Disqualified from the Country Music Association Awards

Joe DelloStritto

Everyone remembers Morgan Wallen getting cancelled back in February for hollering the n-word after a seemingly rowdy night out. Country’s next big star was fast on his way to legacy status with songs like “Whiskey Glasses” and “Chasin’ You,” but all of this came to a sudden halt. While I’m sure Wallen had his fair share of people telling him that it would all blow over, they were wrong. The Country Music Association (CMA) has their annual award show in November, and they don’t want anything to do with Morgan Wallen.

To be fair to Wallen’s collaborators, he will be eligible to win in certain collaborative categories that honor singular works such as Single, Song, Album, and Musical Event of the Year. With that being said, he won’t be eligible for nomination in individual categories such as entertainer and male vocalist of the year (which he was fast-tracked to win). This isn’t the first time Wallen has been cancelled since his racial slurs came to life, as he’s since been removed from most major broadcast stations, different streaming playlists, and was even dropped by his touring agent.

It’s not all bad for Wallen, though, as his UMG label has recently reinstated him after a quick suspension, and Pandora, along with a number of country radio stations have also cracked under the pressure, allowing his music back on the air. The CMA won’t be so forgiving, though, as Morgan Wallen won’t even exist for their November award show. The CMA isn’t alone in doing this, as the fast-approaching Billboard Music Awards will also remove Wallen from it’s presentation. Only one question remains: Will Morgan Wallen ever crawl back to his previous stardom? Even more important, should he even get the chance?

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