Ian’s Producer Picks of The Week: Vol 14

Ian Hansen
'leave me where you found me' – iann dior

Welcome to the 14th edition of my producer picks series. This week was incredible for music, with a wide range of projects from the likes of iann dior, Dreamer Isioma, and Kyle Lux. Here are my producer picks of the week: 

Census: leave me where you found me –  iann dior

There's a magic that happens when iann dior's smooth vocals blend with an Internet Money beat —  it's the combination that launched him into the stratosphere of superstardom. And with his latest release, "leave me where you found me," he's taking that signature sound to even greater heights. Census, the producer extraordinaire who's also worked with Dro Kenji and Lil Tecca, lent his magic touch to five tracks on the album, including the first three, shaping the sound and allowing Iann Dior to shine in all the right ways. It's clear that Census has an uncanny ability to craft beats that fit an artist into any pocket, and I can't help but imagine the incredible albums he could create in an executive producer role. The man brings out the best in everyone he works with, and I'm eagerly waiting to see where his genius takes us next.

July Da Producer: "SILVER TOOTH. (with A$AP Ferg) – Armani White

When it comes to producers, there's something truly special about those who create alongside an artist from the very beginning. That's exactly what July Da Producer and Armani White have been doing — building their dynamic duo from the ground up. Their hunger for success is palpable, and it shows in the sheer number of bangers they've churned out together. From the viral hit "BILLIE EILISH" to their latest track "SILVER TOOTH." featuring none other than A$AP Ferg, Armani White's lyricism melds seamlessly with July Da Producer's wizardry. And let's not forget July's work with some of the biggest names in the game, from Chris Brown to Nicki Minaj —  the man's skills are undeniable. Together, this powerhouse pair is unstoppable, and I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Saint Lewis: Princess Forever – Dreamer Isioma

One of my favorite releases of the week comes from Dreamer Isioma's Princess Forever, which is an R&B masterpiece that showcases her soulful vocals and innovative style. Much of the credit for its magic goes to Saint Lewis, who produced five tracks on the album, including a personal favorite of mine, "Dumb In Love With You." Saint Lewis is a musical prodigy who picked up the piano at age 16 and has developed his signature blend of funky R&B ever since. Together, Dreamer Isioma and Saint Lewis make musical magic, and I can only hope they continue to collaborate and create beautiful works of art like Princess Forever. Their track record speaks for itself, and it will only get better from here.

Johnny Clark May III: Cascade – Kyle Lux

When it comes to more standout releases of the week, Kyle Lux's Cascade is certainly among my top favorites. Lux's powerful vocals are on full display, showcasing his incredible range and undeniable talent. But it's the production work of Johnny Clark May III that really makes this album shine. From the subtle keys on the opening track "Cascade" to the guitar-driven melodies of "Nebula," May's production sets the stage for Lux to shine. On tracks like "Casual Encounters" and "In Your World," May proves his versatility, crafting beats that perfectly complement Lux's sound. May's ability to produce incredible beats across a range of styles is truly a gift, and it's clear that he and Lux make a dynamic duo. "Cascade" is a perfect album, and it's thanks in no small part to May's incredible production work.

Bijou Choder & Aabo: "Is It Magic?" – PawPaw Rod

Yes PawPaw Rod's, “Is It Magic?” is magic. The Hawaiian singer's delivery is nothing short of magical, and the production work of Bijou Choder and Aabo only adds to the excitement. From the bouncy keys to the groovy basslines, this track is packed with irresistible rhythm that's impossible not to dance to. The instrumentation adds the icing to the cake, with background lead synths and percussion sounds that add layers of complexity to the mix. All of these elements come together in perfect harmony, creating a track that stands out as one of the best of the year so far. PawPaw Rod has a gift for making music that feels truly special, and "Is It Magic?" is no exception.

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