Ian's Producer Picks of The Week: Vol 2

Ian Hansen
'Let’s Start Here.' – Lil Yachty

This week was full of bangers and phenomenal beats, such as Lil Yachty’s otherworldly left field album, Let’s Start Here. to tana’s project, GAULTIER. There are many more great songs and projects that dropped, and I am excited to highlight some of the producers who had an impact.

Sad Pony & Patrick Wimberly: Let’s Start Here. – Lil Yachty

I had to go with a two-in-one because both of these producers were instrumental in making this work of art come together. They produced every song on the project except for, “:(failure:)” and showcased what I believe more artists should do, which is expand their sonic palette and lock in with a select few talented producers for an entire project. The production on this album is sublime and truly pushes music and art forward. Sad Pony has previously worked with Drake, 6ix9ine, and other extremely experimental and talented acts such Injury Reserve and Charli XCX. Patrick Wimberly — also one half of the synth-pop duo Chairlift — produced Joji’s hit song, “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK,” and is known for his work with MGMT and Solange. Jacob Portrait — member of the band Unknown Mortal Orchestra —  also played a huge role in the production of this album.

PinkGrillz: GAULTIER – tana

PinkGrillz is a producer from the Netherlands who is also signed to Internet Money, and has been one of the innovators in the rage sound that is popular today. His wide unique array of airy synths and distorted punchy beats makes him stand out from other producers, and that was evident on tana’s recent project, GAULTIER, as he produced “hell nah,” “hell yeah,” and “swaggin like this,” featuring Lancey Foux. Two of the three beats were made from scratch, and his ability to put tana in a different pocket is quite impressive. The beats are ambient in nature and give tana a lot of room to explore different ranges throughout. PinkGrillz produced “Betrayal” by Trippie Redd (feat. Drake) and has also worked with Yeat, $not, and Summrs.

Kennedy Sabin: Tally – midwxst & Denzel Curry

Kennedy Sabin just had his biggest placement of his early career, and he contributed to probably my favorite beat of the week, doing the horns on “Tally'' by midwxst and Denzel Curry. The Chicago-based sample maker produced the track with Charlie Heat and the anthemic feel of this track makes me want to run through a brick wall. I am exhilarated to hear more production from Kennedy Sabin and he is a name to look out for. 

Mike Wavvs: MOTOWN – Kaycyy & BabyTron

My favorite up-and-coming producer and artist duo is easily Mike Wavvs and Kaycyy, as they bring a refreshing spark to hip hop with unique drum patterns and Mike’s ability to help curate a sound that allows Kaycyy to shine as we see on “Get Used To It.” This is also the case on MOTOWN, as Kaycyy sings over a beautiful piano and chopped vocal sample, which transitions effortlessly into an uptempo trap banger for Babytron to rap over. Mike Wavvs is always in the studio with Kaycyy and is a huge factor in his success and the innovative nature of his sound. He has also worked with the likes of Fivio Foreign and Jack Harlow. 


Chicago’s SONNY has gained momentum in the last few months, and continues to impress as he just released his second track of the year, “THROUGH EVERYTHING.” I have always been a fan of chopped up vocal samples and the bounce No Friends creates on this beat is special. It puts SONNY in a different lane and expands his artistry to another level. No Friends is known heavily for his work in the Houston underground scene, working with artists such as HVN and BBY Kodie.

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