Myles Cameron Gets Vulnerable on "Softboy"

Riley Furey

I've been infatuated with Myles Cameron's music since he released "Caged Bird," which is genuinely one of my favorite songs ever made. He has released music pretty sparingly over the years since that single, and I'm happy to say he's back with the release of a new tune called "Softboy."

In a world where toughness has historically been expected out of men, Myles croons and says that he will let go of that facade for the sake of the girl he's interested in. The fake games are over, and Cameron is putting everything out in the open.

Vulnerability has become more and more accepted in our society as time goes on, and today was Myles debut into letting us know a truer version of himself. The message was shared through experimental vocals and production, and "Softboy" really showcased what the New York-based artist is capable of.

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