Celebrate, Reminisce, and Grieve Your Lost Relationships With Myles Smith New EP, 'Betting on Us' [EP Review]

Emma Neveux

Stuck with some unresolved feelings about a past relationship, or even with your current one? Don’t process all of it alone. Relationships are already hard enough as they are. People say it’s not good to keep things inside, so don’t and sing it out with Myles Smith - it sounds way more fun if you want my opinion.   

The UK viral indie-pop artist who teased us with his release “Solo,"  which amassed over 33 million global streams, is finally blessing us with a full EP release “Betting on us." The EP features 5 songs, crafted perfectly to blend his folk/americana and pop influences. Embark on a 360 love story that englobes the whole emotional package, from the exciting and hopeful beginnings, to the unsettling downfalls and deceptions, all the way to the new beginnings. It’s basically like watching a heartfelt romantic comedy, but audio experience where you can unlock your own meaning out of it. 

Opening with a hopeful and genuine track “Betting on us” for which I have no other description than the feeling of watching the sunrise. Yes it’s cliché but spot on. Think Ed Sheeran in his early days but with a subtle folk twist. The sincerity of his vocals will make you smile like a kid - that smile you have in front of her/him, yes.

Moving forward through this wholehearted journey, Myles shares with us again his “Solo” track that really takes up on its full meaning within the context of this EP.  The pounding drums and harmonies underline that euphoric moment you feel at the start of a relationship while his raw vocals contrast perfectly with that moment when you feel fooled and realize you’ve been left “solo” and feeling so low. A perfect sing-a-long moment to heal that pain, trust me.

The deeper we get into the EP, the closer we get to his folk roots and influences, which is a very nice way to get settled in while keeping this very pop edge. His following tracks “Home”, “River” and “Behind” all present gradually more of this folk rhythm timing through clear chopped beats and silky vocals. At this stage in your romantic comedy, you’re passing through that romantic delusion and hitting that painful realization that this is it. 

But, for some inexplicable and daunting reason, you still feel close to them, because they’re home to you. That’s where Myles Smith hopes back in, to accompany you in your healing journey as he reconciles you with all those mixed up feelings through his closing song “Behind”, that feels like it’s the credits moment of a movie, opening towards a new chapter. 

So thanks Myles Smith for going through this with you by giving his new EP a listen.

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