NBA 2k22 Reveals Huge Soundtrack Changes with Initial Artist Lineup

Rachel Guttman

The soundtrack for NBA 2k22 has been revealed to be extremely different from past soundtracks, as they will be revealing the soundtrack in its entirety over time – through a new feature called “First Fridays.”

NBA 2K22’s new approach called “Seasons” will allow the game to grow and evolve over time with the continuous addition of new content. Each first Friday of each new season will feature new songs, including a variety of music from both high-profile and up-and-coming-artists. Some artists who have been announced already include; Travis Scott, Megan Thee Stallion, Freddie Gibbs, The Game, and others.

NBA 2K has been a source of music discovery for quite some time now, and this will clearly continue with this year’s edition. Taking 2K’s connection to music to another level, the game itself will allow users to record verses over beats through a new system called the Producer Series. More details about this will be revealed later down the line.Check out the artists that have already been confirmed for the NBA 2K22 soundtrack below:

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