Needle Music App Offers a Better Way for People to Find and Share Music


Needle Music offers a better way for people to find and share music. Currently built on top of Spotify, Needle is a social platform centered around curation, discovery, and connection with like-minded music lovers.

Founders Mikhael Porter, Shane Ertz and Wyatt Keith saw a clear need in the market for a more streamlined way to share and discover music, and built a platform to disrupt the inefficient status-quo. The app affords its community of users the ability to follow each other, thereby not only establishing a streamlined platform for finding new music, but also assigning music taste a social currency for the first time. Furthermore, the ability to capture data within the platform and to interpret that data in a timely fashion has the potential to refine the music discovery process as well as to increase the impact that influencers seek over time.

Needle Music App Founders
Shane Ertz, Wyatt Keith, Mikhael Porter

As CEO, Shane Ertz, put it, “There's an exciting opportunity to attract high-profile artists, celebrities, and influencers onto the platform based upon [Needle Music’s] ability to expand their reach and impact...We know what these people wear, who they date, how they spend their free time, but we don’t know the music that they listen to on a day-to-day basis. Unlocking this new channel gives people with influence another opportunity to connect with their fans in a more intimate and personal way. Needle Music also offers its users a multitude of useful data insights related to traffic, followers, and their engagement more broadly.”

Their plan to integrate with Apple Music, SoundCloud, and others, will further bolster their effort to enhance established streaming services by offering an experience that is tailored to the discovery and sharing of songs between people. The idea is that there’s no better way to find music than through your friends; and Needle’s mission is to nurture the inherent "socialness" of music while helping drive streams, activity, and downloads to existing behemoths in the space.

What excites the Needle team the most, are all the ways in which they can drive value to artists and fans. With a growing number of artists on the platform, Needle envisions a world in which they can serve the growing desire for artists and fans to directly communicate and transact with one another. Needle believes its platform can serve as a tool for artists and labels as well as a mechanism for fans to see (and hear) the music that inspires their favorite artist.

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