Nick Wagen’s Recent Single “Lay Me Down” Is His Next Step to Stardom

Ian Hansen

I first heard Nick Wagen before the pandemic back in 2019 when he was at about 1k monthly listeners. He actually lived in the same dorm as me at this college in a small town in Indiana. I stumbled upon him in this small music room downstairs and when I peeped his music I was hooked.

Fast forward about three and a half years later and Nick Wagen continues to expand his sound with each release. His recent track, “Lay Me Down,” is Wagen imposing himself as one of the most talented new indie acts. At 22 years old, Wagen’s vocal cadence is mature for his age and this track specifically is grand, creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

The track is layered with a simple yet enchanting acoustic guitar melody that is interlocked with topline electric guitars that add the icing to the cake. Wagen’s vocals are what highlight this track, as his delivery and effortless transitions to higher notes elevate the song to another level.

“Lay Me Down” has a nostalgic feel and not a lot of artists can capture that emotion so early into their career. Wagen has a special ability to create moments in his music, and this is another example. Keep your eyes on Wagen, as this is going to be a big year for him.

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