Nicky Youre, david hugo Deliver Summertime Anthem on “Never Go Wrong”

If you’re in need of a new feel-good song, look no further than Nicky Youre and david hugo’s “Never Go Wrong.” The joyful track features beachy guitars, memorable vocal melodies and perfectly sculpted drums. Although Nicky Youre has only dropped three songs, it is clear that each song he drops will be a one-of-a-kind, captivating tune.

Since its release, the song has racked up over 775k streams on Spotify, and has been featured on Spotify editorial playlists like teen beats and Good Vibes. The duo also dropped a music video for “Never Go Wrong” which has picked up over 15k views on YouTube.

Nicky Youre is coming off the release of his breakout song “Sunroof,” which has amassed over 40 million streams on Spotify and has catapulted the rising artist into the mainstream. The song has continued to do numbers months after its release and has seemingly picked up more traction as time has gone on.

With future releases, expect Nicky Youre and david hugo to continue putting out polished tracks that resonate with hundreds of thousands of people. Watch “Never Go Wrong” below:

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