Nicky Youre's New Single Makes You Want To Stick Your Head Out the "Sunroof"

Miles Opton

For the lucky ones who have been to Southern California, it’s likely you’ve caught a glimpse of the young and passionate go-getters who live there. The artists, the entrepreneurs, the cool hippie who just skated by. There’s a tangible energy to these select few, and one that many people move across the country just to live by. For the people who haven’t experienced this, or for those who are searching for more, let me put you on to an artist who exudes it: Nicky Youre.

Nicky Youre started making music in his bedroom in 2017. Four years later, in June 2021, he let us hear the vision he’d been crafting through his debut single, “Sex and Lemonade.” Putting his alt-pop persona, catchy writing, and top-notch production into the world brought Nicky a surge of attention, amassing over 1 million Spotify streams on the track to date (Nov. 2022). A year and a half later, Nicky’s fans, including myself, were awaiting a follow-up to catch another wave of the LA sunshine. And Nicky delivered. 

Nicky’s second single, “Sunroof,” is an immediate ear-worm pop track. Sporting crisp production, high-energy vocal melodies, and a chorus that sings, “I got my head out the sunroof, I’m blasting our favorite tunes, I only got one thing on my mind,” Nicky cohesively builds his catalog and makes us want more. 

Growing as an artist and gaining more industry support, it’s clear Nicky is a top candidate for the next pop star. Make sure you get to know him before he blows up↓

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