Noah Floersch Returns with Sophomore Album ‘NOAH’ [Album Review]

Riley Furey

Noah Floersch has seen buckets of success in his career so far, and with that in mind, it feels like the perfect time for him to release his sophomore album NOAH. This project is the time for us to get to know Noah deeper, and it is exactly why he chose to title it after his first name.

Starting off the project is "My Name" with a more stripped back sound, which is admittedly one of my favorites on the album. From start to finish it becomes a more refined piece that starts with a voice memo, all the way to a choir and full band arrangement.

Album reviews are extremely subjective, but to stay true to my opinion I have to admit "Memoryology" isn't my favorite at the time of writing. They absolutely do drive the story home and deepen the message that Floersch is aiming to share, but the vocal/guitar sounding solo leaves me a little uneasy after listening. While I may not return to that track often, I do have to say that I appreciate that polarizing moments like that exist within this project; as life is full of emotions pushing and pulling us in all directions.

Next up, "Silver Lining" delivers us a hauntingly beautiful synth-laden ballad. I’m a relatively new listener to Noah’s music, and I have to say it is the tracks similar to this one that resonate the most with me. "I Will Always Find You" carries on with the same momentum and sonically bursts out of the pit that Floersch found himself in. There are a lot of ways to interpret the message in this one, but since I know this album shares a story of him leaving his hometown for Nashville, it is safe to guess that this single gives light to the growing pains when you are moving onto a new phase of your life.

Fast forward to Mississippi, and this theme is tied up in a bow. Noah has come to terms with the life he is leaving behind in Nebraska, and is looking onto greener pastures in Nashville to pursue his career in music.

When I first opened up this album to give it a review, honestly I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. But it is now clear to me after giving it the time it deserves, that this is an album dripping with the heart and soul of a man who has been seeking to let us into his life through his music. There were a lot of strong moments in this project, and very few that I wouldn’t return to. I’m also in a time with a lot of turnover in my life, and this album can serve to give company to anyone going through a time of change and uncertainty.

Final Opinion: If you’re into a pop sound with folk influence, I would recommend at least one honest listen through this project to see if any of the tracks resonate with you. It’s not my favorite album of the year, but Noah absolutely made me feel something within the albums production choices and the themes explored.

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