Noah Richardson Reminisces on Past Relationships in Latest Release “7 Minutes in Heaven”

Emma Neveux

Shoutout to your toxic ex, even they deserve an anthem. Yeah, that one. That one none of your friends liked and that everybody warned you about and yet – let’s admit it – you still grant them a thought or two once in a while. Which, just for your information, is already too much. Even if you’re “over it.”

The rising alternative pop artist Noah Richardson is coming back after his debut album Dead To Me, which racked up more than 275k streams, with his comforting and empowering latest single “7 Minutes In Heaven.” Recorded at Little Brother Audio in Philadelphia with producer Tyler Ripley, this track highlights Robertson’s craft of storytelling. A love-hate ballad that celebrates that one unbalanced and unhealthy relationship, which for some reason we all seem to crave.

You can just feel that almost sassy attitude and hear the resentment you feel in your stomach. Yeah, that one, ignore the bad feeling and embrace the empowerment. The simplicity of the acoustic guitar merged with the slow increasing intensity of his vocals really convey that love-hate duality. You’ll want to belt out with Richardson for both the fun of it, and for how good if feels to call out this insanity out loud. Best case scenario, it might even make you realize that you’re way too good for this noxious kryptonite.

So go on, one last time, give them the time they don’t deserve, but at least do it in a way that will make you feel good. Sing it out with Richardson, it’s a vibe.

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