NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS Bring an Innovative Sound with 'bad things come in 3s' [EP Review]

Ian Hansen

LA-based pop trio, NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS, know how to set the scene and prove that nobody can stand in the way of their swagger. There is something about how the trio carries themselves through their persona and sonic capabilities that make for a captivating listening experience. They do just that on their most recent EP, bad things come in 3s.

The project is six songs and is action packed with experimental synthesizers, speaker-knocking basslines, and party anthems that make for a gratifying time. The project is chaotic, but in the way possible. They even describe it as absurd. “The project is really about universal experiences–like falling for shitty guys, peer pressure, cancel culture, untrustworthy friends, relying on substances or others for confidence, etc.," says the band. "We just wanted to write about all these things in kind of absurd ways.”

Songs like “8ball,” “survival of the littest,” and “sneetches get steetches,” are prime examples of the chaotic nature and experimental production. The way the vocals shine over this hyperpop-esque production is so unique and addicting to listen to.

I am so pumped to hear more from this trio this year, and I am even more excited to hear the raging music played on the big speakers at concerts here in the near future.

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