OCTAVIO the Dweeb Lets Loose in "We're All Falling Apart"

Perry Avgerinos

OCTAVIO the Dweeb is not your average loner. Born in Monterrey, Mexico, and raised in Kentucky, OCTAVIO felt like an outcast at his small catholic school, being the only Mexican in the entire school besides his brother and mom – who was a Spanish teacher there.  At 16, after his family moved to Knoxville, Tennessee, OCTAVIO was forced to shed the conformity of his school's dress code and find his true self. After picking up his dad's old guitar, OCTAVIO quickly realized that music was his calling. Using his upbringing and differences to his advantage, OCTAVIO the Dweeb is pushing his art with a newfound confidence and self-expression, one that simply can't be denied when listening to his latest single, "We're All Falling Apart."

Fusing elements of indie, rock, and alternative, the Dweeb lays it all out on the line in his latest showing, displaying impressive ranges in his vocal capabilities, while letting his raspy vibrato pierce right through your heart in the chorus. Just as Olivia Rodrigo has tapped into the teenage angst of previous generations, OCTAVIO the Dweeb has created a compelling anthem for adolescents and young adults to let loose, and remember that we're all on our own explorations of finding ourselves. The Dweeb touches on how this journey can be a bit messy, feeling like things are in shambles, when really everything is aligning.

OCTAVIO the Dweeb has been on a hot streak since releasing his 2021 album, Dweeb Tapes, with multiple singles surpassing a million streams. With the Dweeb's sound continuing to evolve, he is definitely one to keep an eye on in the later half of 2021.

Listen to "We're All Falling Apart" below:

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