Olivia Rodrigo Reveals Therapy Has Been “Life-Changing”

Rachel Guttman

Back in January, Olivia Rodrigo released her breakthrough hit song, “Driver’s License,” becoming one of the biggest and newest pop stars in the world. When Olivia experienced this big break as an artist, she tweeted, “can’t wait to tell my therapist that ppl like the song.” Olivia continues to open up to fans about her experience with therapy and the positive impacts it has on her life.  She shares that she “hadn’t really started going until (she) was like 16.” She adds that therapy has been extremely life-changing, and she has learned a great deal about herself.

Olivia educates audiences and addresses how fame can take a toll on one’s mental health, adding that there is a “stigma around it.” She wants people to know that mental health is something “people kind of trivialize” what others are going through. However, “it feels so real when you’re in it” and everyone’s feelings are valid.

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