Omni ! “Pops” off Once Again

Olive Soki

One of my picks of a collective to check out, Omni ! is steadily building a case for themselves. Their album, DOPEBOYS, released in 2021, served as a promising and enticing first look into their music. Action packed and clever, their debut record is definitely of taste for anybody who’s ever enjoyed past, or current, rap collectives. And their single “POP!” is further proof of the statement.

A cognitive exercise in itself, the first few seconds of the music video starts with overlapping split-screen monologues performed by JoVaughn and Dawvro. Cut short following JoVaughn’s urgent and slightly eerie chant, the track smoothly takes over as their voices fade into the background. Bass-heavy with the perfect amount of grit and smooth edges, “POP!” is just one of those songs that you instantly want to know by heart on first listen. Not obnoxiously catchy per say, but inviting, Omni ! submerge you into their world, leaving you to fend for yourself or join in unison; I suggest the latter.

While you might have overlooked their music in the past, this is your opportunity to give them a try. Irresistibly dynamic as they are, you may find yourself a new go-to collective.

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