Opraah and Liim Release Blissful Single, “On the Line”

Olive Soki

I was scrolling through TikTok the other day and slid right into the most intriguing and strangely mesmerizing video. Picture this: three friends in an apartment somewhere in New York, each allotted their respective 3 seconds of fame as they lip sync to a mysterious song. I was obsessed. I, along with two hundred and so doom scrollers and recurring visitors, who also loved the snippet and were begging for its release. True to the caption, the “mysterious song,” which we can now refer to as “On the Line,” by frequent collaborators Opraah and Liim, was released April 20th. And just as I suspected, it was amazing.

Time warping and entrancing, “On the Line” perfectly captures the essence of nostalgia and daydreams. The delayed instrumentals and hazy synths in the intro emulate those last seconds of slumber, and first of consciousness. Never really gaining extended periods of clarity, there is always an element of abstraction. This misty layer fuels a cycle, which the listener is led into, as it feels like you’re waking from a dream just to fall into another one. From the slightly wilted guitars, lax verses, and fading phrases (“Remember that day, Remember that day…”), Liim and Opraah deliver a soothing and immersive track for casually passionate lovers and dreamers.

“On the Line” is a glowing track for all the good days we’ve had and the ones we could experience down the line. Following a string of 2022 releases, which include “Regista gyal“Pupils,” and “Spiral,” this single is another star in both artists' expanding musical universe.

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