Oscar Lang and Wallice Join Forces for the Otherworldly "I’ve Never Been To L.A."

Freddie Fine

There are certain songs that just feel like magic. When you listen, everything can be forgotten, becoming fully immersed in its beauty without moving a finger. There are very few songs that are able to achieve this feat, but when I sat down to listen to “I’ve Never Been To L.A.” and stood up 90 minutes later having listened over 30 times, I knew this had the magic.

With what is already my favorite release from either artist, Oscar Lang recruits Wallice to form this stunning tack. It doesn’t take long for the excitement from the opening phone call exclaiming, “Oh my god, are you coming to L.A.?” to explode into an intensity building intro. However, anyone who’s been to L.A. will know that this song feels nothing like going to L.A. — rather, it epitomizes the euphoric opportunities often associated with the city, and of course, the beach. The track’s electrifying instrumental with upbeat, inspiring undertones and distortion riddled vocals will have you cruising through the countryside with the windows down rather than sitting in traffic. Oscar Lang’s fuzzy, dreamy alt-pop style is the perfect match for Wallice’s nostalgia inducing voice, creating a blissful atmosphere for every second of the three minutes.

I hope this will not be the only time these two collaborate, as “I’ve Never Been To L.A.” is quickly rising to become my favorite song of the year. Check it out below:

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