Osé Shares Her Enthralling R&B Jam “Perfect Timing”

Olive Soki

Having sung in her church since the age of four, it’s fair to assume — and I can gladly confirm — that Osé has the voice of an angel. Inspired by the likes of H.E.R, Brandy, and Summer Walker, Osé's music mirrors the mesmerizing nature of her influences. Back with another single to lure us into the warmth of her musical orbit, the Canadian songstress offers “Perfect Timing.”

Dimly lit and atmospheric, “Perfect Timing” is an impeccably layered and lush track sure to draw you in on your first listen. Introduced quite discreetly, Osé's soulful voice drives the song forward as she jumps straight into a tale of desire. Determined both lyrically and vocally, she slowly spreads her wings, showing them off little by little. First in the chorus, which is beautifully layered with sneaky harmonies and sung with admirable precision. Then in the second verse, where her confidence and talent is on full display, making for a catchy and memorable verse. By the last chorus it is impossible not to sing along with her until the last second.

Having gained a significant amount of fans, and even a cosign from SZA, it is clear that Osé’s refreshing take on classic R&B styles is appreciated and sought after by many.

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