Paris Williams Continues to Display His Versatility with “Hopscotch”

Freddie Fine

Paris Williams’s music has an aura around it that will take you back to your childhood. The Kansas City singer’s first release of the year, “CHUNKY,” channeled a youthful energy with playful lyricism, and it didn’t take him long to follow this up with his latest single “Hopscotch.”

The entirely self-produced track bursts out the gate behind a hard-hitting instrumental. A repeating piano riff captures your attention on the intro, but it doesn’t take long for Paris’s direct delivery to take center stage. Nobody is safe from his wrath across his verses, flexing along the way while also having fun, singing, “Your girlfriend said this her new favorite song / Barely know the words but she always sing along / Said the sound of my voice just turns her on.”

The playful roots of the song are no clearer than in the accompanying skit, where he remarks, “Did you guys know that hopscotch was used as training by the Romans during the renaissance period?” While not related to the song, it is certainly an attention grabber (and also true).

Look out for a “Hopscotch” video coming soon, and check out the track below:

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