Peter McPoland Gives It All with His New Single, “Dead Air”

Olive Soki

If you’ve been keeping up with Peter McPoland, you would know that this week marks the end of his debut EP's roll-out. And in case you haven’t been keeping up, I’ll gladly fill you in. First he released “String Lights,” the nostalgic ballad recalling a certain loss of innocence and future-past. Then the upbeat and endearing “Come Around” followed by “Let Her Remember,” and “News at 9.” It’s fair to say that the past four months have been a treat for any fan of Peter’s. And to put an end to the cycle, he’s offered the last single prior to the release of Slow Down this Friday, titled “Dead Air.”

Considering love — among other topics — has been a prominent theme throughout his recent releases, “Dead Air,” in some way is the perfect conclusion to this idea. While he’s spoken of love in both a good and bad light, “Dead Air” reflects on all of its nuances, in hopes of concluding whether holding on to these emotions truly means as much to one as it does to another.

Right out the gate the listener is met with a tsunami of emotions. Singing in his most vivid and raw form, he describes his disheveled state, ensued by the thought — or lack thereof — of a certain loved one. From the tummy flip to his reddened cheeks, he projects every last emotion right onto you. Much like that familiar feeling of a stomach flip, the drums mimic the motion so perfectly, making it nearly impossible not to play it over, and over again just to experience that funny feeling one last time. As for the rest of the song, it falls right in place, eventually settling into a lyrical and musical resolution. Brightening as the song fades out, Peter comes to his grand conclusion, choosing to believe in the value of his will, actions, and most importantly, love.

Familiar to loyal fans and intriguing to first time listeners, “Dead Air” is a last hurrah of a sort, signaling the end of Peter’s beginning and the exciting start of his ever after. Listen to the new track below:

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