Artist Spotlight: Phangs

Joe DelloStritto

Millions of kids grow up with aspirations to become a world-renowned musician, or an all-star athlete. When Jake Germany, better known as Phangs, was faced with the decision to continue his collegiate soccer career or hit the studio, the indie-pop rocker decided music was his fate.⁣

The Nashville singer/songwriter has since blended electric-pop with his alternative roots, trademarking his unhurried yet spirited style with lush vocals. His two recent singles “Tanlines” and “When I’m All Alone” evoke the nostalgia of a summer night; a preview of what’s to come with the release of his debut album on Friday.⁣

Today we’re providing you with a sneak peak of “One Good Reason,” a track about continuing to let a lover back in after being disappointed time and time again. A vexed Phangs demonstrates his clever wordplay in the liberating track, chanting “better quit while I’m behind.”⁣

While this is just the appetizer, we’re excited to sink our teeth into Phangs’ new album out Friday.

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