Picture Us Tiny Share Tear-Jerking Acoustic Rendition of “Jackson, You Are Dying”

Freddie Fine
Jordan Meiland

If you have been on TikTok lately, there is a good chance you have seen Jackson Velli AKA Picture Us Tiny’s name recurring in your feed – I do not even have TikTok installed on my phone right now yet I am well familiar with the content. Capitalizing on the popularity of AI by saying, “I told an AI to listen to 1000+ hours of early 2000s pop punk and this is what it created…” Jackson has seen his two latest singles achieve new heights, including “Jackson, You Are Dying.”

However, why stop there? Jackson returned last week to share an acoustic version of the aforementioned track, as he exchanged vivacious drums and electrifying guitar for mellow acoustics, completely transforming the pop-punk anthem to a deep hitting, emotionally charged record.

The track explores the self-deprecating aspects of Jackson’s life that cause his friends to begin to worry about him, singing on the hook, “And all my friends say, ‘Jackson, you are dying’ / Get yourself together, baby / Are you even trying?” The verses explore what brings his life to this point, from drinking in order to sleep each night to staying up late looking at Twitter and memes to not eating. However, the track ends on a more hopeful note as Jackson sings, “But I won’t decay / Mom, just know I’m trying.”

Having just wrapped up his biggest year to date and growing more than ever, Jackson Velli is a name to keep high on 2023’s radar. Check out the new track below:

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