POLICE CAR COLLECTIVE's New EP ‘MONEY MACHINE!’ Asserts the Duo’s Bright Future [EP Review]

Olive Soki

There’s something about musical collectives and duos that never fails to pull me in. Maybe it's the camaraderie and that feeling of belonging shared through the music, or the abundance of talent, but whatever it is, I feel it when I listen to POLICE CAR COLLECTIVE.

With the release of their second EP, MONEY MACHINE! Frankie and Simon have added a new angle to their sound, once again proving their versatility. The project starts off with an instantly captivating 35 second intro. The intro, titled "ROCK$TAR”, acts as a promise that something good is on its way – a promise graciously fulfilled throughout the EP. While sonically it doesn’t exactly summarize the sound of the project, it does align with their goals and this aura of lyrical manifestation found in tracks like “MILLIONAIRE” that always seems to surround them.

In the past, the duo has spoken out about wanting to share music that says something, “worth being heard,” and hopefully emulate the impact other iconic bands have made on their generations. A goal met exceptionally well across the project. Pick a mood, any mood, there's probably a song waiting for you. From the guitar-driven and rebellious energy of  “MIKE” to the introspective confessions found in “FEELINGS!!!,” Frankie and Simon are ready to share what’s on their minds and take you on a comfortable yet familiar ride.

Instrumentally, the project contains a mixture of genres, providing a heftier sound compared to their previous EP, 1980. Beyond the lyricism, the instrumentation on each track perfectly complements their emotional progression, never leading the listener astray. For example, in “FEELINGS!!!,” a song rooted in the concept of introspection, intrusive thoughts, and honesty, the beat and overall mood of the song remains consistent until the bass is lowered towards the end, highlighting the sorrow felt when looking for forgiveness both within and outside of yourself. This is also felt in the last song, “IN CASE YOU FORGET,” which both sonically and lyrically feels like a breath of fresh air, with a sprinkle of self-loathing and a dash of encouragement. As a whole, MONEY MACHINE! gives listeners, both seasoned and new, a taste of what POLICE CAR COLLECTIVE currently is and what they could eventually become.

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