Projexx is Effortlessly Smooth in His New Single, “Sidepiece”

Joe DelloStritto

Hailing from Kingston, Jamacia, Projexx is not just any dancehall artist. With fresh, sonic sounds and smooth gliding rhythms, Projexx consistently delivers music that is both tranquil and groovy. In his most recent single, “Sidepiece,” Projexx slows it down a bit, creating a seductive mood. In this track, he explains how he’s having trouble staying faithful. Projexx sings,

"I love with mi side piece,

Even though mi have mi wifey,

But da gyal yah she tie me, she tie me, she tie me, she tie me."

In the music video released with the song, Projexx takes his sidepiece on picturesque boat trips and on walks through the hills, likely somewhere in Jamacia. When Projexx wakes up, though, he’s contemplating the night before, as he sings, “But I don’t want to lose you,” referring to his “wifey.” In his teens, Projexx spent some time bouncing back and fourth from Canada, and the influence is clear, as “Sidepiece” seems to draw inspiration from the likes of PARTYNEXTDOOR. Projexx is sure to make you move your hips the way he effortlessly flows over the rhythmic hi hats and synthetic melodies familiar in the new era of electronic dancehall. Catch a vibe and check out “Sidepiece” below.

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