Rachel Chinouriri Is Boundless on New EP 'Better Off Without' [EP Review]

Kieran Kohorst

The blurring of lines in the music industry is a phenomenon that has been taking shape for years now, but it seems that every week offers a new example of just how far from the mean artists dare to deviate. This week presents us with Rachel Chinouriri, who’s EP Better Off Without fails to conform to singularity, instead opting to be impressively eclectic.

On the project’s 4 new tracks, Chinouriri grooves and laments, at times simultaneously. In its brevity, Better Off Without is able to effectively narrate heartbreak and acceptance in a relatably captivating fashion. Chinouriri’s melodies and vocals bring the EP to an all-too-soon halt as listeners are likely to plead for an encore of sorts, hoping to hear more from a magnetic artist who is only just starting her rise. 

Better Off Without follows Chinouriri’s debut 2021 EP Four° in Winter, a similarly styled and written project. Her genre-defiant sound is in the same spirit as other rising indie artists, true to her personality and skillset. Another form of self-expression for Chinouriri is through her TikTok account, where she has amassed 330k followers and shares stories, provides her own takes on popular trends, and displays her sense of humor.

Given her past productions and newest offering, Rachel Chinouriri has certainly submitted her application as one of the leaders of the new school of indie music.

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