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I've been a huge fan of re6ce ever since they dropped "teeth (you)" back in 2022. Since then, they've pushed their post-punk sound even further, with standout releases like "LUVsick!" featuring ThxSoMch and the lead single from their latest project, grey europe, titled "blue eyes*." Their music thrives in live settings, and re6ce shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to releasing new music. Get to know re6ce below:

First off, congrats on all of the recent success! I am sure the last couple of years have been insane for you. How are you taking everything in?

Since "brown eyes*," it has been go, go, go. Before "brown eyes*," I told my manager I was going to go to Los Angeles and make a bunch of songs, and one of those songs will be the one that blows up. That is what ended up happening and it has led into the project so perfectly. It is beautiful. It is such a good start. It is so smooth.

What does "brown eyes*" mean to you?

It is insane. Just the way it fell into place is beautiful. I have a voice note on my phone of how the song came together. When I make vocal melodies, I just start humming, and I figure out where it should go. We started off with the guitar I had that was already on my phone. We took the iPhone recording audio from an eight-month-old video that I recorded of me playing the guitar and chopped it up. Aldn then put the bass on it. It all just came together so perfectly. That night was 100 percent perfect.

How excited are you about your new project, grey europe?

I am really excited. I have wanted to drop a project for two years. I think there are old tweets in 2021 of me saying I am dropping a project soon, but it never ended up happening. I am really excited because the project shows off my vocals and a lot of different styles. It is not one cohesive sound. Each song is a different layer and sound. It is a different approach.

What is it like working with glaive and Aldn?

It was awesome. When I was 15, I was listening to both of their music before I was even making music. I was in high school listening to them. To start making music and working with a couple of my idols is really sick. Just seeing their processes and approach they take that I wouldn’t. I do something like this and they wouldn’t, and I am like, “Wait, that is so much better than what I would do.” I don’t really collaborate with a lot of people, and seeing their process and what they can add to music is really cool.

What is the biggest thing you want your fans to gain from this project?

I really want to drop so much more music this year. This is kind of a teaser of everything I can do. I wanted to put out a project that was more of a show display than one cohesive project. It is more of a compilation of songs rather than one cohesive project.

This project sounds amazing for touring. Your tour with ThxSoMch looked sick. How important is that aspect when writing songs and creating music?

When I was making a lot of the EP, it was totally like that. It was kind of the only thing on my mind. I had just done the ThxSoMch tour and then I did the tour with glaive too. I got back in December and all I wanted to do was make music for a live performance because all I really had was “eyebags,” which is really hype. I just wanted to bring more energy into music.

What does it mean seeing these people lose their minds to your music and sing your lyrics?

It is so sick. I haven’t done a headline tour and I have just been opening for people but going to a different city and hearing people sing “can we change the subject?,” and I am like “You guys know this?” It is really surprising, but it is always dope, and I am always blown away.

Who would you say inspired your sound? I love the post-punk sound a ton and you spin it in a way that is very unique.

Right now I am listening to Title Fight. I have a bunch of different bands. I have listened to a lot of Ekkstacy after the tour. I have also been listening to Dominic Fike, Skaiwater, and this Russian band called Nürnberg. I also like Yot Club, Snail Mail, Surf Curse, Jaydes, and Malcolm Todd.

What even got you into making music in the beginning?

It was in early 2021, and I was like 15. I had this friend who I would skate with and do drugs. I was at a point where I was like, “Where is everybody going to be in five years?” They are either in the same place or worse. I can’t be here much longer. I met this kid online named nimstarr. I saw this song he posted on Tik Tok. He had I think 200 monthly listeners and the song had 2000 streams. I thought it was sick because I never saw someone record music in their bedroom that wasn’t rap. There was no one making bedroom pop. I thought it was sick, and I was like, “I’m going to do it.” I texted him and we became friends. Our whole friend group went up together.

“teeth (you)” is the song that originally gave you traction. How much does that song mean to you?

I think of that song as a really good idea. I feel like I am being a perfectionist or whatever, but if I just had it sitting in my drafts, I could have redone it and made it 20 times better. I feel like it could have 20 times more streams. I really like “teeth (you),” It showed me it was possible. I didn’t really have traction before the song came out.

Now you are touring and continue to grow your fanbase. What goals do you have in the coming years?

I want to put out as much music as possible. I get anxiety when I don’t work and make music. I want to always make music. I always want to be doing something. The plan is to have three projects after this one. I really want to work on more merch. I want to do more tours and live shows.

What are three words to describe re6ce.

Guitar, half-life, and sweet potato fries.

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