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William Repko, known as Repko, is a multi-platinum producer and is the founder of Embassy Music Group. He has produced for the likes of Trippie Redd, Juice WRLD, Lil Tecca, Iann Dior, and Trevor Daniel. Learn more about what he's been up to in our Deep Dive below.

Where are you from?  Talk to me about the music scene there and what got you into producing.

I am from Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. There was no music scene. I mean, I wouldn’t even say zero. I kind of started by meeting this one kid on Xbox. He rapped. I was like, ‘It would be kind of cool to work on you with this stuff.’ I would make the beats and that is how that started. The music scene was us in high school. Like five of us trying anything.

Growing up, did you have any kind of music background?

Not really, but I am super thankful for what my parents listened to. I think it has helped me out so much now in my career. In terms of playing stuff, no. Nobody in my family even played instruments.

How did you know it was time to take it seriously?

I had to get good enough to even work with my homie. He was always god honest with me. He would tell me I’m not good enough. I tried to get better and get good enough to get replies and work with artists. I just worked my up to verified artists.

What was your first placement, what was that like, and what was the process?

It was a sample I made. It was funny because I would go link with Nick Mira in Richmond and I drove down there, and I bought this guitar. I was stressing because it was most of my money. I went and made a loop. It was ‘How I was raised’ by Trippie Redd and Lil Tecca. Nick did the drums and there was a session and it got cut. It was supposed to be my first placement, then it gets to a week before, and they pulled the song. I was heartbroken. Then fast forward to the deluxe, and it dropped on the deluxe.

You produced on "Blastoff." Take me through what it is like having a Juice WRLD record?

He was always one of my favorites growing up. I was 17 when he was blowing up. Everyone in my school listened to him. It was super special to me when that came together. I had other cuts with him. I am so thankful one came out.

What song out right now is most special to you that you produced?

Out of love because I did the drums on it, and it was a single. Most of my catalogue was built off of me doing the melody. That was a first one I had where I did the drums which led to a transition in my career.

Now you have Embassy. What was that transition like, and what is it like owning your own group now?

So I started it midway through last year. I signed a few producers. I ended up meeting this soccer player, Daniel Sturridge. He played for Chelsea and Liverpool. I met him through this artist I signed and developed, Moe Young. We dropped a song and Daniel took interest. Moe connected me with Daniel and we built a relationship over time. He helped me get my publisher deal done. I was even teaching him to make beats. Now we are partnered.

What is it like being in the position to develop producers and artists?

It is just great to find someone super small and recognize talent. It’s cool to be able to leverage relationships you’ve built over the years, and help them out, and give them a boost. It’s so fulfilling to help them the same way I was helped.

As a producer, take me through the importance of knowing business and doing good business with others?

Another one of the reasons I got into music was because of the business aspect. If I would have gone to college, I would have gone for business. I always tried side-hustles such as graphic design. I am not over-the-top creative with music. Some people are. If you find a team you trust, and you know the basics to protect yourself, you don’t need to know all the ins and outs.

What is your craziest studio story?

My most memorable was the first night I came to Los Angeles. I landed at like noon, and I went to the spot I was staying and said what’s up to everyone. Then my homie was out there, and he Invited me to this producer cook up. We were in the session from 2 p.m. to like midnight. Then we went to this other spot until the sun was up. It was a long day but it was cool to be in it.

What are some of your hobbies?

I’ve been a gamer my whole life. I love playing video games. I love playing soccer as well. I’ll go play with my homies. I like to work out too. The night life in LA is great too. I was even teaching him to make beats. Now we are partnered.

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