REYSHA RAMI Is Everywhere on Single “PL4Y”

Kieran Kohorst

Music as an art is not a static practice: it’s meant to be enjoyed, danced to, experienced. LA artist REYSHA RAMI is acutely aware of this, with movement at the heart of her recent single “PL4Y.” The track is all about making moves, whether it’s on the dance floor or taking aim at an object of desire. “Lyrically, it's getting at the idea that you know someone is attracted to you and you want them to do something about it, or else you will,” Rami shares of the track, adding that “PL4Y” is a tribute to the “art of playful flirting.” The sound of “PL4Y” is seemingly an art and a science, with a streak of electricity coursing through the track as Rami masterfully interplays the concepts central to the cyberpunk genre. The influence of films Blade Runner 2047 and The Matrix find their way into the sonics and visual of the song, the latter introducing a futuristic setting that feels like home for the AI-like Rami character.

Both in her music and her personal identity, Rami is made up of a rare dynamism that always keeps her art interesting. With parents who grew up in India, she was influenced by her family’s native culture even while growing up in the Twin Cities in Minneapolis. Rami internalized her influences and experimented, aimlessly working towards a definitive sound that would elude her until she moved to L.A. in 2019. Relocating gave her a fresh start, and the pandemic gave her time to truly consider who she was as an artist. After contemplation, Rami is more focused now than ever: “As I enter into a more electronic sound with mixes of industrial dance and techno house, my aim is to simply get people moving,” she shares. “I'm very inspired by the dance sound of the 2008-2012 era that is currently making a huge comeback, and 'PL4Y' is the first of many electro pop tracks that prescribes to the notion that life may feel really heavy, but we can escape for a few moments to disconnect and have fun.” The message is simple, and it gets even easier when “PL4Y” serves as a soundtrack – it becomes instinct to feel the music, escape reality, and join Rami on Cloud 9.

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