Rich Amiri’s Debut Album 'Evolution' Is Everything That Makes Rich Amiri Great [Album Review]

Ian Hansen

There is a perfect duality with Rich Amiri’s music that makes me convinced that he will be the next superstar to come out of the underground. His ability to put so much soul into his singing, yet have that same track brings energy you want to mosh to. He does that for every song on his debut album, Evolution.

Internet Money has a special ability at finding unique artists who are meant to last for decades and the Boston native is a prime example. The album kicks off with “Mention,” which is a teaser of what is to come, with vibrant harmonies and airy synths in the background. It is the perfect vibe to ease the fans into the album. “Best Friend” is as punchy as it gets with unique bass lines thundering throughout and rugged flows that bring liveliness to the track.

“Salty” and “Poppin” featuring Lil Tecca are some of Amiri’s best tracks to date, which arguably have his most cohesive hooks and bone chilling melodies I have heard from anyone in the new wave rap scene in a while. My personal favorite on the album is “Don’t Exist,” as I love the simplicity in the beat, as it leaves room for Rich Amiri to hit some of the most belligerent high notes you’ll hear.

Overall, Amiri is ahead of the curve when it comes to new artists who are ready to take the leap into stardom. He has some of the dopest producers by his side, allowing him to reach his full potential and the consistency to keep him above the rest. Rich Amiri is one of the most exciting new artists right now, and he is only getting started.

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