Sadie Jean Shares Her Lovesick Ode, “Locksmith”

Olive Soki

To be considered one of Spotify’s ‘Next Gen Singer-Songwriters is no small feat. Among all the genres out there, gaining popularity as a singer-songwriter almost feels like a democratic affair. Chosen by the people by way of their ability to transcribe complicated human emotions into palpable experiences, it's a cut throat category. Either you have it, or you don’t. Recently inducted into the ‘Next Gen’ hall of fame following her breakout debut single, “WYD Now,” Sadie Jean is back, and assuming her role perfectly with her brand new single, “Locksmith.”

Simple and stripped down, “Locksmith” isn't a flashy track, instead it showcases the intimate and poignant nature of Sadie’s music. In fact the thing that will most likely bring you back to the track are the first few words uttered in the first verse “this is the last song I’ll write about you.” “Locksmith” is a tale of holding on to a past relationship when it might be wise to let go. Unpacking her story starting with where she stands now to the beginning of the relationship, Sadie still holds onto the idea of reuniting with the one that got away. Emotive and delicate in moments of recollection and passionate in the unraveling choruses, “Locksmith” is an irresistible anthem for the ones in longing.

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