Saekyi and Tommy Richman Showcase Their Abilities on “Taking Me Back For The Night”

Freddie Fine

Searching for your new favorite song? Look no further than the new collaboration between Saekyi and Tommy Richman on “Taking Me Back For The Night,” a sonic blend of alternative hip hop and R&B. It’s assisted by Rooftop Collective, a creative hub “seeking to carve a new niche for sonically diverse listeners” – and that certainly stands true here.

Despite their different styles, Saekyi and Tommy clearly have great chemistry on the track. Saekyi showcases his unparalleled melodic rapping ability on the verses, just floating over Tommy’s production – an incredible combination of so many sounds that just fit well together. Varying levels of distortion over Tommy’s vocals bring a balance of catchiness and all while he showcases his vocal range throughout.

You will not want to miss this one. Check it out below:

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