Sandman Makes One Last Request in His New Single “Please!”

Olive Soki

Earlier this year, Sandman released his aspirational track “Beach House.” Sonically light hearted and enchanting, “Beach House” projected him into the new year and our speakers. Now, a few months down the line, he is back with an equally honest single titled, “Please!.

Refreshing and summer-ready, Sandman brings heartbreak to the shore as he gives his last request to an ex-lover. Brightly toned and rhythmic chords are strummed throughout the song, making it hard not to love and replay. However, sobering lyrics accounted for, the track quickly turns into a hopeful yet heartbreaking tune.

Verse by verse, the singer dives into recurring deceptions he once experienced in a past relationship. Filled with false promises and malicious motives, Sandman is ready to break free from this vicious cycle and find peace. As he sings in a lofty and satisfying head voice, “Just take it and leave / forget everything you need from me / I’m begging you please / Just let me be free from you” he tries to escape the past — while simultaneously soothing our ears — and move onto the next chapter of his life.

Marking his second release of the year, “Please!” is a vulnerable and memorable addition to the ongoing roll-out to his upcoming EP, and his discography at large. Listen to the new track below:

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