Scarlet Fiorella's "Quintessential Twenties": Unmasking the Chaos of Adulthood

Samantha DeCarlo

Based in Philadelphia, Scarlet Fiorella drops a track where she reflects on a hectic first few years of adulthood. Released on September 29th, Indie R&B singer shares her new single “Quintessential Twenties." Fiorella reflects on the brutal realities of post-college life with humor and honesty, calling out her bad habits. She explains, “I was looking for validation through sex, men, alcohol, procrastination…Then finally, the anxiety settles and you learn to own it. I’m confident in my feminine, sexual, and chaotic energy.” Scarlet Fiorella's upcoming EP Behind The Curtain features "Quintessential Twenties" as the second single. Creating a space where the discomforts of female hypersexualization and adulthood can exist together is the objective of this project.

 As a regular performer at PhilaMOCA and The Trocadero, Fiorella has become a fixture in the local music scene. Expanding her reach beyond Philadelphia, Fiorella has taken on the bustling music landscape of New York City, where venues like Mercury Lounge, Arlene's Grocery, and the Knitting Factory have welcomed her with open arms. Her debut 2018 track “What I Did” received over 840k streams. Her remarkable debut track's streaming success serves as evidence of her potential to continue to capture audiences. Also, her performances at esteemed venues demonstrate her dedication to sharing her music with the world.

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