Seb and Julius Continue Undeniable Chemistry on “Come Down Soon”

Ian Hansen

SEB and Julius once again prove to the world that they have unquestionable chemistry as they release their second consecutive song together with, “Come Down Soon.” The versatility of the duo is very evident as they go from an R&B-inspired cut on “Mercy” to an uptempo pop banger with “Come Down Soon.”

The duo sings over a summery electric guitar melody with horns sprinkled throughout the verses. I love the off-kilter melodies throughout this track, and I think this kind of vibe fits the pair to perfection.

The track is about trying to love a girl through her most vulnerable times with lyrics such as, “If you don’t care about yourself, how the fuck am I supposed to save you.” The songwriting is raw and explores struggles and confusion that many people go through on a daily basis.

I hope these two continue to put out songs because this track and “Mercy” really highlight everything that makes the two artists so great. I think it is fair to give this duo the nickname of Batman and Robin because they can’t be stopped.

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