Shay Lia Links With Kaytranada For New Single “On The Low”

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Alexis Belhumeur

Reunited with her reliable collaborator Kaytranada, R&B mainstay Shay Lia delivers on her latest single, “On The Low,” a dance-tinted rebuke of a noncommittal relationship. Her reputation for stifling vocals and pensive writing live up to their billing, formulating an infectious record ready-made for dancefloors. She’s sinuous on the track, her vocals perusing the winding nature of the bassline in a way that mimics the back-and-forth she’s experiencing with the song’s subject. “All the games you play / I dare you tell the truth,” Shay sings, sounding equally tempting and intimidating in her delivery. 

“On The Low” marks Shay Lia’s 10th collaboration with Canadian producer-extraordinaire Kaytranada, and the connection proves itself ascendent on the single. In a press release, Shay attests to Kaytra’s ability not only to produce but to inspire: “This production sat on my computer for years and it wasn’t connecting for me until I saw Kaytra in Paris this past June. I felt re-inspired and we were able to tap back into our natural way of collaborating and sharing a frequency.” Having both grown as musicians in their time apart, they don’t miss a beat in their renewed work together. “On The Low” is set to be featured on Shay Lia’s upcoming album FACETS, an LP that will also include a number of singles released earlier this year. The France-born, Djibouti-raised, Montreal-based artist isn’t short on inspiration for the project, saying the music “speaks to all of the lives I’ve lived in different cities, countries, times and spaces. It’s impossible for me to sit comfortably in one specific genre because while my vision is clear, my influences and experiences are layered… it’s an intentional demonstration of all sides of me and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it, feel it and see parts of themselves in it.” FACETS is slated for release on October 20th. 

To close the year, Shay Lia will set out on a tour in support of the album, with shows beginning on November 22 in Paris with a US leg to follow in February 2024. TIckets for all shows can be purchased here

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