she loves boon Continues to Impress with “star”

Ian Hansen

The title of she loves boon’s recent track, “star” is manifesting something that is sure to come very soon. The New York native is on a hot streak of releases following his recent song, “white noise!” featuring Cybertrash. The music is organic and full of innovation which is something I say with every release.

“star” is a futuristic and groovy expansion on the Jersey club sound that is regional to she loves boon. It brings an electronic pop spin to the sound that is known for its hip-hop counterparts. The vocals are an instrumental in itself with perfect execution on the autotune, giving this ambient and dreamy atmosphere.

There aren’t many artists right now that are as creative and underappreciated as she loves boon. He is never afraid to make something outside of the box which is why I think he is a step ahead of most up-and-coming musicians right now.

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