Sheesh Presents Second Show with SEB, Jex Nwalor, morgen at The Hotel Cafe in L.A.


After selling out our first show, we are back with our second Sheesh show! This time, we have a lineup prepared to deliver nothing but summer bliss at The Hotel Cafe on June 20th – SEB, Jex Nwalor, and morgen sponsored by and Laylo.

Our mission  is to bridge a community of music fans and artists themselves, by curating lineups of the best up and coming talent on a consistent basis. Along with the live event itself, Sheesh will create original content with the artists performing and around the event itself.

Co-founders Perry Avgerinos and Noah Schwartz founded Sheesh in late 2019 with intentions of throwing live events. After the unpredictability of COVID and the sudden near-death battle with cancer for Noah Schwartz, timing has led to their first show on April 21st. Now, Perry and Noah are ready to deliver the best showcases on a consistent basis. Over the past two years, the two have grown the Sheesh following through covering new releases from the best up and comers on social media and their website. You can learn more about Perry and Noah’s journey in their recent interview with Daily Chiefers.

Our lineup:

Jex Nwalor

Odds are high that you’ve seen Jex Nwalor strum his ukulele while using his angelic voice to sing popular covers and his own songs on TikTok. But, odds are low that you’ve seen him live in action. With the recent release of his new single, “Come Back,” the Toronto, Canada local is ready to make his LA show debut.


What started as casual dialogue during our SEB interview, quickly became a reality. SEB will be headlining, blessing us with his left of center indie-pop sound. Coming off of two strong singles “f**k it i’m the man” and “SAVE ME” this year, the Chicago native is ready to bring his calming, liberating energy to the mic.


Setting the mood for our second showcase, we’ll be welcoming morgen to the stage with her pure vocal tone and playful charisma. The 18-year-old Santa Cruz, California-native lies somewhere in the realm of bedroom-pop with raw indie textures, coming off her 2021 debut EP, ‘Unaccompanied Minor’ and recent teasing of a new single arriving next month.

Doors open at 7:30pm PST on June 20th, see you there! Get tickets to our second Sheesh show and catch a vibe to the artists performing below!

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