Should BeReal Allow Users to Post Songs With Their Post?

Lara Prakash

If it’s in the middle of class, during a party, or waking up from a nap, it might be time to BeReal. The app that blew up earlier this year allows users to post once daily at a specific time that changes daily. BeReal allows users to show how they are being real in different scenarios, especially when social media has felt constantly calculated and boring to many.

“[BeReal] is my only social media because it’s not annoying, and you can only post once a day,” Margo Collins, a 23-year-old user from Los Angeles, said. “This is the level of participation I can engage in; it doesn’t take away from the rest of my day or my life.”

Margo Collins: BeReal

Many use the app to stay connected with their friends more authentically, like Kyle Nair, a 21-year-old from Melbourne, Australia.

“I got BeReal in the middle of July, and I keep using it because it’s almost an outlet to be connected to your friends in the same moment, regardless of location,” Nair said.

Kyle Nair: BeReal

Many love the app, but what if the daily notification to post included a function to have the song a user is currently playing at the time of the post?

“I think that it’s an idea to allow users to post the current song they’re listening to, but then it could also completely change the app and how people feel about it, like how Instagram is turning more into videos,” Kayla Sidik, a 19-year-old from Houston said. “I think it would be cool, though, because my friends sometimes influence the kind of music I listen to, and it’d be fun to get into new artists.”

Kayla Sidik: BeReal

Collins agrees because she believes it could enhance her life since she doesn’t go out of the way to discover new music often. But, when Instagram allowed users to post songs on their stories, Collins never found herself listening to her friend’s song recommendations.

If adding songs were a feature, Sidik has some in mind. “I would currently add a NIKI or Bazzi song because that’s just what I’m into right now,” Sidik said.

While Nair says that the song he would add would have to depend on the moment, Collins said she would add “2AM” or “Awkward” by SZA.

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