Sighmon Delivers His Summer-Ready Jam “Austin”

Olive Soki

Following the release of singles “So Far Gone” and “Flash” earlier this year, and his previous work, Sighmon has showcased his ability to create both alternative and Hip-Hop-centric tracks. Now back with a single titled “Austin,” the Florida-based musician offers his contribution to your summer jam playlist.

From the second you hit play, you’ll immediately be met with the most refreshing percussion, which eventually builds-up to be irresistible. Coupled with delicate and simple guitars, Sighmon's voice becomes the main focus for the remainder of the track. As he leads you through various series of events, starting with a memorable fair, he sings to his subject, “live in the moment” a motto to keep in mind as you enjoy this summer jam. And, while you may feel like the track ended too soon, these feelings also gently urge you to give it another listen, making it an instant summer replay.

A collaborative effort between Sighmon and northxix, who lent his impeccable production skills for the occasion, “Austin” is a track for this summer, and every summer to come.

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