Sinead Harnett Prepares for Her Album with New Single "Last Love"

Ian Tsang

“Thai-rish” R&B artist and global music sensation, Sinead Harnett, drops “Last Love,” the leading track from her upcoming junior album, Ready Is Always Too Late.

The album (set to release May 21st) will see her music journey come full circle – after its steady buildup since the early 2010s. Sinead has gained a reputation for her heavenly vocals and throwback R&B vibes, sprinkled with funk influences (such as “No Pressure” off her previous album Lessons in Love).

"Last Love" doesn’t stray from the unique sound she’s coined throughout her illustrious career: her 2021 debut serves as a sneak-peek into her work during the pandemic – a time spent honing her gift for producing hit songs.

“Ooh, I'll tell you how I feel about it, huh

I thought I'd let the feelings go.

But every time I dream on it, huh

It's like I see the truth unfold.

On the surface, I seem good

Though my subconscious, it shines through.”

Sinead’s talent is more than deserving of a larger audience; although her journey has seen rises among her fanbase, her deep discography remains hidden to the general public. Even still, her success is on the horizon – every track serves to exhibit that her artistry has no bounds. Every track inches her closer to discovery, and this track may be the one to do so.

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