skinnyandsoft and ladiesmile Come Back with a Refreshing Collab, “Ice Cream”

Olive Soki

Summer is near. Days are getting longer, the sun is shining brighter and the weather is well above the norm. With this shift comes sudden cravings for anything cool and light. Luckily for you, ladiesmile and skinnyandsoft have just what you need. Both coming back from a brief hiatus, they’ve joined musical forces to deliver the perfect song to step into the new season titled, “Ice Cream.”

Upon the first listen, “Ice Cream" feels like ear candy lined with the necessary lyrical substance to make a lasting impression. With a rather somber narrative, skinnyandsoft weaves together feelings of loneliness and an itch to find some form of escapism. While the verses go through the mental gymnastics of vocalizing, and maybe even overanalyzing certain aspects of his life, the chorus clearly summarizes his sentiments. And as the song nears its end, he slowly comes into himself. Truthfully admitting his own flaws (“And I’m a hypocrite/ yeah boy, I live with it”) and even swearing off old habits, as he soulfully sings, “I ain’t ever going back to my old ways” skinnyandsoft doesn't come to a definitive resolution, but still manages to make a great deal of progress through reflection.

Making up for the sobering lyrical content, Hank and Rede’s (ladiesmile) offer bright and intricate instrumental touches to the single. Although the track starts with cool and scratchy guitars, which later on materialize into a heftier sound, it doesn't take long for all the pieces to come together. Simplistic choruses and layered verses balanced to perfection; no production element feels out of place.

“Ice Cream” is both the perfect comeback track for the Aukland, New Zealand artists and any new, or fan, of the artists. Accompanied by a music video, this single is the perfect treat to satisfy your craving.

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