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Sky McCreery Handles Heartbreak with Single "Insane"

Sky McCreery’s latest single is sure to resonate with fans. Riding the success of his recent EP Things We Don’t Talk About, Sky debuts 2021 with his newest edition to the “heartbreak club”: "Insane." "Insane" is a three minute narrative of emotional hardships - and the struggle to walk away amidst dying romance.

“Why are you lying, telling me things far from the truth,

I don’t understand, I am your man, I just don't know what to do.

I think the best thing is for me to go.”

It’s hard to express the feelings Sky invokes in this track - his vulnerability and masterful songwriting is unique for a rising artist still absent of mainstream success. “Insane” does everything right: melancholic to upbeat intensity, strategically placed 808s, and just enough versatility to propel himself out of the “Pop” genre. 2020 saw the rise of the budding star, we can only hope 2021 is equally as kind. With Sky’s unique sound, it’s only a matter of time before his breakout. Don’t sleep on this artist - as he definitely has the potential for mainstream success.


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