slayer77 Has No Ceilings on His Debut 'Chronicles' [EP Review]

Tyler Borland

slayer77 is relatively new to the scene, but his recent Chronicles EP makes him sound like a seasoned veteran. The melodic hip hop artist is most recognizable for his high-pitched vocal inflections and his tendency to hop over loud and abrasive instrumentals. The self-produced opening track “NEFARIA” acts as a perfect introduction both to the project and to slayer77 as an artist.

“NEFARIA” is wildly catchy and features a guest verse from melodic rapper, TheHxliday, who effectively compliments the eccentric tone of the track. Self-produced “game 0ver” is another highlight on the project. The instrumental is hard-hitting and experimental, but these experimentations pay off and create a sound distinct to slayer77. Mellower tracks such as “b4lance” and “Things U Say” show slayer77’s versatility and emotive songwriting.

Most compelling on Chronicles is slayer77’s vocal performances – each performance immediately grabs listeners attention and cannot be compared to any of his contemporaries. Chronicles is an incredibly consistent debut EP that shows no ceilings for slayer77.

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